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Hong Kong is not just the financial and business gateway to the massive Chinese market; it is a major Asian commercial hub. To do business in Asia without coming to Hong Kong will hamper efforts to succeed in the high growth region of the 21st century. Modern telecommunications technology makes it possible to interact with business associates, clients and financial institutions without leaving your desk. But given the importance of Hong Kong as the confluence of commercial activities for all of Asia, being able to be physically present here when required is a massive advantage.

The Hong Kong visa system is a discretionary one, based on the finding of the case officer assigned to evaluate an application. This coupled with the fact that the demand for visas is so huge means that obtaining a Hong Kong visa can be complex and time consuming with no certainty of success. Our detailed knowledge of the visa application and approval process, coupled with our understanding of the application approval procedure allows us to handle visa applications for our clients in a manner that provides them with the visas they need in the shortest possible time and without the need for them to waste their time following up on their applications.

There are numerous types of visas available for entry to Hong Kong. We can help to identify the visa you need and make the issue of the visa as quick and simple as possible.

The categories are very specific and it is essential to apply for the type of visa that is applicable and the reason for the visit to or stay in Hong Kong. There is also specified documentation that is required to accompany each visa application. Applying for the wrong type of visa, not submitting the correct supporting documents or submitting documents that are not in the correct format can all lead to the application being rejected. Approval of a reapplication can at times take even longer.

Being able to visit Honk Kong when you need to or to establish a residence or business presence here provides you with easy access to all the opportunities that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) has to offer.

The SAR was established when Hong Kong passed from British into Chinese hands. The aim is make it a gateway with a free market economy and liberal financial policies for easy access to the rapidly expanding economy of the mainland and the rest of Asia. We are here to make your entry to Hong Kong as smooth and hassle free as possible.


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