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Every country has its own mandatory accounting, audit and tax requirements. Understanding these requirements and how they must be met to fulfil legal requirements is not something that can be left to chance. The penalties for non-compliance, even if unintentional, can be harsh.

But compliance to avoid penalties is not enough.

Laws Work Both Ways

Just as non-compliance can cause major problems, blind following of procedures and processes may not be in your best interests. Ideally, laws and mandatory requirements should be used to your advantage and help your business to grow. Just as in other parts of the world, understanding Hong Kong laws is a matter of knowing their history, appreciating the context in which they came into being and understanding how the relevant authorities interpret and apply them.

It is important to keep in mind that while Hong Kong occupies a unique position within the Chinese economy, this is for a specific reason. The changes in Chinese economic policy in the recent past has spurred unprecedented expansion and development. While foreign investment and trade is welcomed, the overriding imperative is that of generating growth. While there are huge opportunities in both investment and trade, there is also a need to create a business climate that foreign entities are familiar and comfortable with. This is the reason behind Hong Kong's special status and the laws that govern business activities. Additionally, Hong Kong is strategically placed as a hub for business in all of Asia.

Systems that Work for You

Within the ambit of local accounting, audit and tax policies we can offer you tailor made solutions that will enable you to maximize the advantages that Hong Kong has to offer. At the same time, we can develop systems that are in compliance with local policies but which can also integrate into your existing financial control and planning systems.

Generating profits is one thing. Monitoring and control of financial operation and tax planning is another. Our years of experience, in depth knowledge of audit, accounting and tax policies will give you the ability to maximize the returns on your investment in doing business in Hong Kong. In addition it will free your management resources so that you can focus on business expansion and generating profits.

Our services will enable you to:

  • Expand your existing operations with the minimum of investment in back office services.
  • Allow you to set up a Greenfield Hong Kong business with the minimum of time wasted in setting up financial and tax systems and compliance policies.


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