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"Having set up off shore operations across the globe, we know how important it is to operate within the accounting and audit framework of the countries we work in. We worked with Hong Kong Resource Consultants to set up accounting policies and processes that met these requirements. HKRC's understanding of both local regulations and the needs of international business operations made the process simple and straightforward. We were able to set up shop in a very short time and with HKRC handling our accounting, we are able to focus on expanding our operations across Asia." ~ Rajkumar S. - Chennai, India

"The success of our South East Asian operations is due in no small measure to the taxation monitoring and planning done for us by Hong Kong Resource Consultants at our regional HQ in Hong Kong. They ensure that we are in compliance with local tax regulations and their taxation planning enables us to maximize our profitability. They stay up to date on policy modifications and are able to provide us with the inputs we need to remain compliant while also using the systems to maximize our returns. We entrust them with all our tax compliance and planning." ~ Wasim Sheikh H. - Muscat, Oman

"A year into our Hong Kong Based operations we found that the mismatch between the accounting policies we follow internationally and the requirements in Hong Kong was causing us serious problems and we were in danger of running afoul of local laws. Setting up a new accounting system in Hong Kong would have meant that it would not mesh with our international processes. This is where Hong Kong Resource Consultants came to our rescue. Their understanding of both local and overseas accounting policies enabled them to set up accounting systems that met local mandates and also meshed smoothly with the systems we follow internationally. Their expertise in this field has been invaluable." ~ Kim Soon L. - Singapore

"When we set up an office in Hong Kong our aim was to focus our resources on business development and reduce back office expenses to a minimum. Outsourcing tax compliance and planning, along with accounting, was the obvious option. We met with several service providers but our comfort level with them was not enough to allow us to entrust them with these critical functions. With Hong Kong Resource Consultants we found a company that is not only completely professional, but has an in-depth knowledge of local taxation policies as well as the imperatives of international business. We are extremely happy that we outsourced out taxation work to them. Their service meets the highest international standards." ~ David G. - Melbourne, Australia

"As a profit driven enterprise, we know the importance of impeccable secretarial services for all our stakeholders. At the same time, it is a cost center that diverts resources from business growth. Hong Kong's unique legal system and documentation requirements make it easy to do business, but at the same time requires a detailed knowledge of local systems. Hong Kong Resource Consultants handles all our secretarial work and they do an excellent job, ensuring that all requirements are met, documentation is done correctly and on time and that all other secretarial functions run smoothly. This enables us to focus on expansion and growth." ~ Smitha J. - Bangalore, India

"Although Hong Kong is an international business hub, its unique status means that it has a culture and business ethos of its own. This can make finding and recruiting local staff that will integrate into a foreign company's systems and procedures difficult. We use Hong Kong Resource Consultants for all our recruitment needs, at all levels. They go the extra mile to understand the nature of their clients' business and the individual work ethos of each one. This, coupled with the local recruitment expertise, allows them to find the right fit which enables new hires to hit the ground running with the minimum of down time." ~ Tony R. - KL, Malaysia

"We were paying an arm and a leg to maintain accounting division in HKSAR, which was affecting our profits. Then we were introduced to HKRC for solution. By outsourcing our accounting & payroll work to Hong Kong Resource Consultants we found that they are excellent in managing our accounting and are able to provide the reports and information that we need to take the decisions that have been instrumental to our growth in the region. We recommend them most highly." ~ Jasani T. - Nairobi, Kenya

"Our organization decided to set up operations in Hong Kong, we were aware that real estate there is among the most expensive in the world. What we did not know was that finding the right space, in the right location, could be extremely difficult. After wasting an extended amount of time and money trying to find the right office space, we were introduced to Hong Kong Resource Consultants. Their detailed knowledge of the local real estate market enabled them to find the right location for us and also to negotiate on our behalf to ensure that we got the best deal possible. Had we know of their abilities earlier, we would have saved a huge amount of time and money and been in operation much sooner." ~ Reddy M. - Hyderabad, India

"While the ease of starting business in Hong Kong is one of its major draws, there are pitfalls that can not only delay start up but also entangle an organization in legal problems. The research our company had done into the Hong Kong legal and commercial systems warned us of this which is why we decided to enlist the services of Hong Kong Resource Consultants to help us with company formation. They were able to take us through the process smoothly and ensure that all mandatory requirements were met. We saved a lot of time and were able to complete all the formalities without delay. HKRC's great reputation is highly deserved." ~ Tan Hee H. - Singapore

"Although we had well established domestic operations in Canada, Hong Kong was our first step overseas. We knew that although it is a business friendly place, there were strict accounting regulations we had to meet. We were not in a position to divert scarce management resources to formulating the required accounting policies and systems. Hong Kong resource Consultants came to our rescue and set up the necessary processes quickly and efficiently, enabling us to start our Hong Kong office without delays and needless expenditure. They continue to handle out accounting today." ~ Nicholas J. - Vancouver, Canada


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