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Finding the People You Need

No matter how tech savvy a business is, no matter if it uses cutting edge technology – the people who operate the process and equipment and who create the concepts that drive the enterprise forward, are still its backbone. Without the right people in the right place, operations will falter and the future of the business will be in question. That is why recruitment is such a critical core function of any company. It may not be a 24/7 operation, but when it needs to be done, it must be done to perfection.

Managers know how difficult it is to find the right people even in places they have worked in and are familiar with. There is no need to dwell on how much more difficult it is in a strange country with different cultures and social mores. Hong Kong is a perfect example of this.

The Global Village Does Not Make Recruitment Easy

Businesses today operate in a world where national borders are losing their significance. It is easy to say that the culture and ethos of commerce is an international one, but this is not completely true. The way people think and act and their ethics and values are shaped by where they live. A company setting up base in a new region must find people who fit into its working style but who have not lost their understanding of local systems and cultures. This is what will enable them to contribute to the business growth and become assets.

Hong Kong is an international business hub and the doorway to the rest of South East Asia. With an educated and skilled population of 7 million, it is easy to presume that finding the right people to power entry and future growth will be easy. The fact that a large proportion of the workforce is fluent in English adds strength to this presumption. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it seems. Finding candidates may not be difficult, but finding the ones that are the right fit is another matter. That is why using a professional recruitment consultant is the right way to find the people you need.

Staffing Imperatives

Finding a Hong Kong recruitment consultant that will provide you with a long list of candidates is not hard. But how much time and managerial resources can you afford to waste in working through the list in the hope of finding the right person? There is no guarantee that at the end of the exercise the right candidate will be found. The best way to find the people you need is to work with a recruitment company that spends time to understand your business model, corporate culture and your objectives. With this understanding, an in depth knowledge of the Hong Kong human resources market and a hands on approach to finding the people you need, you can be sure of finding the people you want without needless waste of time. Time is crucially important. The time spent on an unfilled vacancy is a source of revenue loss. The time and resources spent on integrating a new hire is another drain and finding out too late that the wrong person has been hired is even more difficult.

The right Hong Kong Recruitment Consultant can make the process of finding the right people to fill vacancies a quick and efficient one so that they can start to contribute to your business growth in the shortest possible time.


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